Dogamí NFT Features

Dogamí NFT collectibles are at the heart of our Petaverse.

🐶 Features of a Dogamí

Every Dogamí is unique and can be defined along several visual & non-visual features. These features will largely determine the Rarity Score and the scarcity rank of your Dogamí. The rarity ranking table will allow players to understand the uniqueness of their dogs and to understand what makes them so special.
Visual features
  • Rarity Tier
  • Eye Color
  • Fur Color
  • Breed
Non-visual features
  • Personality
  • Dog Stats (Vitality, Robustness, Intelligence, Friendliness, Obedience)
  • Body Attributes
  • Dog Group
  • Gender

💪 Work the Stats

Stats reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the different breeds. Each stat can also be slightly improved (although limited) throughout a Dogamí's life through in-game activities. The Stats will have an impact on the performance of your Dogamí in future competitions and the amount of rewards you get.

👏🏽 Uniquely Yours

In addition, you will have the chance to personalize your Dogamí with NFT accessories (dog collar, hat, etc.) to make it uniquely yours.