Dogamí Score

​🪐 Dogamí Score

ScoreDogami(T)=ScoreRarity+0TScoreStats.ScoreDogLevel(t).dtScore_{Dogami}(T) = Score_{Rarity} + \int_{0}^{T} Score_{Stats}.Score_{DogLevel}(t).dt
As mentioned previously, active participation and regular progression will be rewarded in-game. The Dogamí Score allows us to keep track of the best and rarest avatars in the Petaverse.
The Dogamí Score is made up of three elements:
  1. 1.
    Rarity Score: It compares the probability of occurrence of a specific combination of a Dogamí's physical traits and Personalities within the overall population
  2. 2.
    Stats Score: It compares a dog's Stats with those of the rest of the population
  3. 3.
    Dog Level: It describes the dog's overall level progression.
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