Adult: DOGAMÍ Explore

👨‍💼 Phase 2: Get Ready for the Dog's Adult Life

Players will have to reach a certain milestone in the Puppy Phase (DOGAMÍ Raise) in order to evolve into an Adult. Reaching adulthood unlocks different career tracks and training activities in the form of single-player and multiplayer mini-games. Examples of careers may include:
  • Police Dogs
  • Firefighter Dogs
  • Farmer Dogs
  • Space Dogs
  • Yoga Dogs
  • Race Dogs 🏁
  • Skater Dogs
Players that successfully complete a career track will be rewarded with a special NFT badge that acts as certificate of completion. Badge holders will be granted special voting rights during governance events and will have a say regarding the future of the career track in question. The goal is to give players more control over what mini-games they would like to see in every career track.
The training efficiency of the player will play a role in determining the Bonding, which, coupled with the Dog Level, will help determine the daily rewards. Training your dog regularly will grant you a Bonding and increase your daily $DOGA rewards.
The exact constraints and functions will be released as the MVP of the game progresses.

🌿 Breeding

Upon reaching the Adult Phase, your Dogamí will be granted a special badge allowing him/her entry into the breeding grounds. Players will have the opportunity to put their Dogamí up for sire and decide who to breed with. More information regarding Breeding can be found here.
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👨‍💼 Phase 2: Get Ready for the Dog's Adult Life
🌿 Breeding