DOGAMÍ Olympics

🏅 Annual DOGAMÍ Olympics

Dogamí are also competitive. In Phase 2, DOGAMÍ plans on introducing a multiplayer mode. The first proposition is called the ‘DOGAMÍ Olympics’ and is an assortment of realistic canine mini-games in which players will compete against each other for a chance to win attractive rewards and climb up the leaderboards. Players wishing to participate will have to pay a fee in $DOGA to enter this winner takes all competition! Examples of potential mini-games may include (but are not limited to):
1. Agility: during this activity, your Dogamí must successfully cross a succession of obstacles such as ramps, wheels & walls as fast as possible. The main objective is to put your Dogamí's agility and reflexes to the test.
2. Cani-Cross: the Cani-cross involves running with your dog while they're on a leash. The objective is to run a certain distance while respecting a time limit with your Dogamí.
3. Racing: in this discipline, you compete against your fellow Dogamí to reach a pre-specified target first.
4. Flyball: in this sport, your Dogamí will have to navigate an obstacle course composed of four bales of hays at full speed. Once at the end, he/she must press on an automatic launcher and catch a ball in mid air before bringing it back to his/her owner. This sport challenges your Dogamí's coordination, intelligence and vitality.
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