Our Positioning

While each of these trends offer a plethora of opportunities individually, we have strong reasons to believe that we can develop a commercially attractive Petaverse at the intersection.
Gaming presents one of the most promising fields for NFT application. The combination of both of these trends with the historical bond shared between humans and dogs paves the way for the creation of a highly anticipated Petaverse.

🐩 Popularity of Dog Ownership

Dogs are in high demand. This claim is backed by numbers: people around the world love dogs. Households who already own a dog spend more on their four-legged companions than ever before. In addition, more and more households can afford to own one. However, for most people, multiple factors get in the way of owning and taking care of a dog. At DOGAMÍ, we strive to enable a wide array of people to have a virtual representation of it.
The market size growth is supported by an increase in the amount of households owning at least one dog. In 2021, 360M households across the globe owned one or more dogs. While no estimates were available for the period between 2021-2026, we believe that the global annual growth rate of 3% between 2016-2021 will remain in the next few years amounting to approximately 417M households in 2026 owning at least one dog. (Source: Euromonitor Passport, May 2021)
However, the requirements of owning a dog, let alone the costs associated with it, are in strong dissonance with the realities of many people. Therefore, we believe that the demand for dogs is significantly higher. At DOGAMÍ, we want to enable people to have a virtual and unique companion.
With a Dogamí, players can get rewarded for their in-game time, and most importantly build meaningful relationships with like-minded people.