DAO & Community Strategy

🔮 Governing and Developing the Petaverse

We believe that the Dogamí Petaverse can be a powerful medium for building an engaged community and attracting talented third-party developers. DOGAMÍ aims to define open design & development standards, so that independent creators and developers can participate in the creation of the Petaverse. Thereby, we hope to build an attractive network of independent developers.
In the mid-run, the creators of DOGAMÍ want to shift their focus from a Petaverse developer to a Petaverse orchestrator that handles the following responsibilities:
  • Operate the technical platform
  • Develop the Petaverse and manage its partnerships
  • Set common (technological) standards
By holding $DOGA tokens, players will be granted voting rights that will help us gradually transition the Petaverse into a community-owned Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO.
This process occurs as $DOGA tokens are distributed among players and active users, with the overall holdings of the DOGAMÍ team decreasing over time.
Moreover, we believe in building a community by creating meaningful, shared experiences. Therefore, we plan on introducing multiple features that will enhance your sense of belonging as a gamer and allow you to engage with other like-minded individuals. There are three main pillars to attract, engage, and retain gamers: (1) Community Events, (2) Leaderboards, (3) Town Hall Gatherings (governance events).

🎳 Community Events

DOGAMÍ aims to create Community Events in which gamers can win valuable event-specific rewards. Special events can be scheduled (e.g., DOGAMÍ 1-year anniversary), ad-hoc (e.g., flash sale), or seasonal events (e.g., Halloween).

🏆 Leaderboard

The Leaderboard will be used to keep track of Dogamí Achievements, Stats and Bonding Level. It will help portray how the gamers' avatars rank in different dimensions. Also, it will be used to showcase the most successful players and the most profitable ones.

🏢 Town Hall Gatherings

The only way to be adaptable in an evolving world is to give responsibility to the community so that it can be engaged in the game itself. The Town Hall is the governance body in which $DOGA token holders elect members and leaders as multisig signers. The elected leaders will be in charge of allocating development funds and ensuring the transition between new versions of the DOGAMÍ smart contracts.
Also, $DOGA holders can propose new game ideas, vote for developments or suggest upgrades. In exchange, token holders receive rewards in $DOGA for active participation in every iteration of the Town Hall Gatherings.