The Play-to-Earn mechanism will be governed by the following concepts:
  • Dog Level: The more time you spend nurturing your Dogamí, teaching him tricks and playing with him, the faster your level progression and the larger your daily $DOGA rewards
  • Bonding: The better you attend to your dog's needs/training, the greater his satisfaction and hence the bigger your Bonding will be
  • Dogamí Olympics: The better your performance in the DOGAMÍ Olympics and other competitions, the bigger your chances are of winning large $DOGA rewards
  • Dogamí Score: Every quarter, the highest ranking Dogamí will receive a special prize
  • Dogamí Jobs Quests: Having a job is a responsibility! Hardworking Dogamí will be rewarded accordingly
  • Loyalty Rewards: Dogamí are affectionate creatures and they will cherish every moment you spend with them. Loyal owners will be rewarded for every new achievement unlocked

⛱️ Summary

  • A large part of the Essential Actions can be done for free. However, you can purchase Premium & Deluxe consumables using $DOGA to buy some comfort and reduce the amount of times you need to perform an action
  • Non-Essential Actions involve teaching your Dogamí tricks. Some of these actions will require paid accessories. However, they will improve your income and give you an edge over other players when participating in contests/competitions
  • Competitions reward players based on their final ranking. The higher your ranking, the more $DOGA you can win
  • Getting a job is a real investment, the road will be long, but your reward will be worth it. To do this, you'll need to complete specialized quests that will help the community grow
  • An achievement can only be unlocked once and will grant you a unique reward
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