Change Log

Disclaimer: Content in this document may be subject to change. Material updates will be proactively communicated with the community.

🆕 Change Log

Updated links and "NFT only" mentions for the free-to-play version of DOGAMÍ Academy 6th, March

  • Changed "available exclusively for Dogamí NFT holders" to "is available as a free-to-play game"

  • Updated links for DOGAMÍ Academy in social links

Unlock and Allocation edit February 23rd, 2024

  • Added details regarding unlocked supply and circulating supply.

  • Changed 7+ years to 86 months

Staking updates for January 2024

The following updates have been made. Please note that further updates will be applied, they have not been added to the whitepaper as they are time-sensitive.

  • 15% APR locked staking enabled on Polygon and Tezos

  • 5% APR flexible staking enabled on Polygon and Tezos

  • $DOGA Staking - update of the conditions

  • Official Links - add Polygon Staking Links section

  • Tech Architecture - add Polygon Staking audit report

General updates for November 2023

The following updates have been made.

  • Breeding is TBD

  • GAP Hoodie Accessories: 222 hoodies added

  • Toy Poodle changed to Toy from non-sporting

  • 66% Staking removed

  • Added Councillor Votes

  • Allocation & Tokenomics section updated

  • Glossary - removed archaic terms: relics & talents

  • DOGA Comics section added

  • Various image updates

  • DOGAMÍ NFT section revamped (Level + XP)

  • Added Tezos Smart contract addresses

  • Added $DOGA contracts and bridge contracts

DOGAMÍ Academy:

  • Life-cycle phases in-game (dormant, awoken, and spirit) removed

  • Adventure mode replaced by free roaming zone

  • Levels (1-50) are only used in-game and not for breeding

  • Removed: Skill points bonus, Talent section, and relics

  • Removed: "Dogamí reaching Spirit levels who reaches the maximum level becomes a Spirit and can no longer participate in the events"

  • Removed: old terms from the Glossary

May 2023: DOGAMÍ is in the production phase of an upcoming play and earn cross-platform mobile, DOGAMÍ Academy. An MVP is set for release in Q4 2023. The brand new and easier-to-read whitepaper has been released to the community detailing existing and new products, including the scheduled DOGAMÍ Academy release in Q4, 2023.

  • New sections: Origins, DOGAMÍ: Ecosystem, DOGA Bones, GAP Accessories, DOGA House, DOGAMÍ Academy, Community, Official links.

  • Dogamí NFT section revamp: New phase and leveling system, new skills and explanations on how they work, Body Parts removed, replaced with Talents.

  • DOGAMÍ Academy: Game concept, Game modes, Items (consumables and relics), Integration of a soft currency: $STAR

  • 2023 Roadmap - Updated

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