DOGAMÍ: Ecosystem

Much like Pokémon, a company that was able to capture an initial gaming audience and develop into a cross-media franchise, DOGAMÍ is developing a brand and IP that will be instantly recognizable by people in the near future, even by non-gamers. As DOGAMÍ continues to expand and develop, NFT holders will become an integral part of these extensions as investors and ambassadors of the brand.
DOGAMÍ will expand its reach in modern culture through various touch points, which include games, comic books, interoperable Metaverse experiences, toys, fashion, music, and film. Consumers will have the opportunity to enjoy the DOGAMÍ franchise both digitally and physically.
Dogamers, OGs and newcomers, will discover and enjoy the DOGAMÍ lore through three main interconnected experiences:

🕹 DOGAMÍ Academy

Build your relationship with your Dogamí and train them to the best of their abilities in multiple academies from the streets of Paris to the long-lost city of Atlantis in an intense and exciting idle multiplayer racing game. Players will train and bond with their companions and watch them progress in a hybrid racing/management game.

🌀 DOGAMÍ: Portals

This initiative aims to create interoperability with leading Metaverse platforms. Take your Dogamí outside the DOGAMÍ ecosystem and explore other Metaverses. It all starts with your Dogamí in voxel form in The Sandbox.

🦸‍♂️ DOGAMÍ: Companions of Earth

Fangirls and fanboys alike will read about the awakening of Dogamí on earth through a 5-issue run of comic books. We have partnered with Valiant comics (founded by Marvel comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter) to develop a strong narrative, witness new characters and environments, showcase incredible artwork, and reinforce the DOGAMÍ IP through this traditional and battle-tested media. Dogamers will also have the chance to feature their own Dogamí NFT in the story.
As a 360° brand, the DOGAMÍ ecosystem also includes partnering with the biggest and most recognizable brands in the world, to blast open the gap between Web3 and traditional industries and create a new era of digital-physical experiences! Dogamers will be a part of the future with the DOGAMÍ COLLABORATION initiative through:
  • 👕 DOGA Wear - a must-have line of clothing created in collaboration with MoMa permanent artist and graphic designer Neville Brody.
  • 🧸 Toys & collectibles - Your home art collections may start to take on a canine-chic with DOGAMÍ collectibles, IRL objects that holders can acquire by redeeming their NFTs. Imagine holding a piece of digital art that you own!
  • 🍿 Television - What better way to branch out into mainstream media than through big-screen media! Viewers will be able to watch the DOGAMÍ animated series starting in 2026. That’s a wrap!
The building blocks for the DOGAMÍ ecosystem are progressively being put in place. DOGAMÍ is setting itself up to captivate a global audience through various consumer touchpoints, in a world that has not yet fully embraced the promises and potential of web3 and where the distinction between the digital and physical realm is becoming increasingly blurred.