🏆DOGAMÍ Academy

DOGAMÍ Academy is a web3 dog racing mobile game. It takes place in the Academy, where Dogamí and their human companions can enhance their skills, strengthen their bond, and unlock their hidden powers.

Players must train and manage their Dogamí to participate in competitive races against other Dogamí from around the world to climb leaderboards and win $DOGA token prizes.

DOGAMÍ Academy is a Game as a Service (GaaS), it will be continuously updated with new features and content.

It is now Free-to-Play on iOS and Android:

💡 Game Concept

In DOGAMÍ Academy, your Dogamí will take part in obstacle courses featuring pools, hurdles, beams, and more. These obstacles will challenge all six of its skills: velocity, swim, jump, balance, might, and instinct.

Even though the races are mostly automated, you have to prepare your Dogamí strategically for the race at hand, choose the right Consumables and activate the Powers at the right time in order to increase your chances of victory. Sometimes, the outcome of victory or defeat hinges on a matter of milliseconds.

Participating in these events gives experience points to your Dogamí (required for its evolution) while earning STAR (in-game soft currency) or $DOGA (the utility token).

You can spend these STARs in-game (to buy consumables, train your Dogamí's skills, or take part in time trials with unique rewards). $DOGA can be used across the entire DOGAMÍ ecosystem.

STAR is an in-game currency and not a cryptocurrency, it should not be confused with any tokens sharing the same name.

🐶 Dogamí


The level represents the overall progress of the Dogamí (from 1 to 50). Dogamí earn experience points (XP) at the end of each race. Once the experience bar is full, Dogamí reach the next level. At each new level, the skills of the Dogamí increase, and a power is unlocked/improved.


Each obstacle encountered during a race involves one of the 6 skills. The higher the skill level of the Dogamí (as defined on the NFT), the faster it will perform on this obstacle.

Here is the list of the 6 existing skills:

  • Velocity (determines running speed)

  • Swim (determines swimming speed and ability to dive)

  • Jump (determines the ability to jump over an obstacle or from a height)

  • Balance (determines the ability to stay steady or show dexterity)

  • Might (determines speed on slopes and ability to push heavy objects)

  • Instinct (determines your ability with purple mystical items)

Here are a few of the skills in-game:


Each Dogamí has 5 powers as defined on the NFT. Before each race, the player can consult the level map and decide which two powers to equip.

During the race, simply tap on the icon to activate a power and give a speed bonus to your Dogamí (if the skill of the power corresponds to the skill of the current obstacle).


Each Dogamí has an energy bar that limits the number of activities they can participate in. Each activity costs energy and this energy is replenished gradually even when the app is closed.

  • Maximum Value: 100

  • Refill: +1 per 6 minutes

  • Full Refill Time: 10 hours

  • Race Cost: 10 Energy

  • Training Cost: 1 Energy

All balancing parameters are subject to change.

🏁 Solo Races (PvE)

Solo races are played on a random track and against five bots of the same level as the participating Dogamí. The final position determines the amount of XP and STARs earned.

This game mode is available on the home tab and can be played with no limits other than the energy of the Dogamí. It's, therefore, the perfect way to win plenty of STAR, but also to perfect your strategy.

Time Trials are races available in the Events tab. They are available for a limited time (generally 24 hours), during which each Dogamí aims to achieve the best possible time on a given track. Each attempt costs STAR and must therefore be prepared carefully.

At the end of the event, each Dogamí receives an amount of $DOGA according to their position on the final leaderboard. The current leaderboard and prizes at stake are available right in the game.

You can even see the ghosts of other Dogamí during your run.

The events results for finished events are available from the events screen where players can see their position and winnings if they qualified.

Initially, all Dogamí participate in the same time trials. In the near future, Dogamí will be separated by level bracket and/or rarity tier.

Training sessions allow you to enhance the skill of your choice using STAR. They allow you to specialize your Dogamí in one or more skills, and make it more powerful than an equivalent level Dogamí who trains less.

Training sessions are short and automatic animations whose random result determines the reward (see table below). For every 100 skill points obtained, the skill concerned increases by +1, up to a maximum of +200. Every 20 training levels, the required Dogamí level and the cost in STARs increases.

🍎 Game Items

Before a race or training, players have the possibility to use a consumable in order to give their Dogamí an avantage. These items can be purchased for STAR in the Shop tab.

Before a race, the player can feed their Dogamí with a mystical food, which increases a skill throughout the race. This choice can make the difference at the finish line.

Before training, the player can give dog treats to their Dogamí to increase their Focus. The higher the focus, the higher the chances of good results, while the chances of bad results decrease.

The game items in the Shop are separated into training and race consumables.

Free Roaming Zone (Temporary Name)

The free roaming zone will enable players to control their Dogamí in a 3D map. It is in the early stages of development and more information will be released further in production.

New Environments

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