DOGAMÍ Academy

The game design of DOGAMÍ Academy is subject to change to ensure a fun, balanced and fair gameplay experience for all users.

📄 Presentation

DOGAMÍ Academy is a new management and strategy racing game. Players must train and strategically manage their virtual dogs’ skills to participate in highly competitive races against others from around the world to win $DOGA token prizes. It's currently in development and set for release in Q4 2023. As a Game as a Service (GaaS), it will be continuously updated with new features and content.
The game takes place in the Academy, where Dogamí and their human companions can enhance their skills, strengthen their bond and unlock their hidden powers. To judge who is the best, the Dogamí compete in incredible obstacle courses to climb leaderboards that captivate crowds.

💡 Game Concept

In a not-too-distant future, Dogamí, once considered an urban legend, are an integral part of society after saving the world and founding academies. In these academies, you and your Dogamí can enhance skills and unlock hidden powers through thrilling obstacle courses, competing to be the best. But the academies have a secret mission: to prepare for the return of dark forces by forming protector duos and retrieving lost magical artifacts.
In DOGAMÍ Academy, you must maximize the talents of your Dogamí through training! The players' objective is to participate in various sporting events to win rewards, including in-game items, STAR* (soft currency), and $DOGA (the utility token).
*STAR: is a placeholder name subject to potential change which refers to an in-game currency and not a cryptocurrency and should not be confused with any tokens sharing the same name
These events consist of automated obstacle courses and each one tests one or several of the following skills: velocity, swim, jump, balance, might, or instinct.
The more dominant your Dogamí is, the more chance you have to win big prizes. This is especially true if your Dogamí is specialized in the skills related to the given event.
There are several ways to make your Dogamí better: you can participate in training sessions, activate the power of relics, or use consumables. Time investment and good management are key to victory!

🐶 Dogamí

Different attributes of your NFT will be used in the game, to determine its appearance or its abilities.


The level represents the overall progress of the Dogamí. Dogamí earn experience points (XP) at the end of each PvE or PvP race. Once the experience bar is full, Dogamí reach the next level. Each time they level up, Dogamí receive some bonus skill points.


Each obstacle encountered during the races can involve one or more of the 6 skills. Having a high level in the related skill allows your Dogamí to overcome the obstacle more quickly or with less chance of failure.
Here is the list of the 6 existing skills:
  • Velocity (speed of running and movement)
  • Swim (swimming speed and diving capacity)
  • Jump (capacity to jump high and far)
  • Balance (stability and dexterity)
  • Might (to climb, pull, or break)
  • Instinct (related to supernatural powers)
Skills can be improved by leveling up or by training. Different attributes of your NFT (Skill Ranks & Talents) can multiply the number of skill points gained.


Each Dogamí has an energy bar that limits the number of activities they can participate in. Each activity costs energy and this energy is replenished gradually even when the app is closed.

🏁 Activities

There are 3 types of activities:
  • Training (to develop your Dogamí)
  • PvE Races (to earn STAR and in-game items)
  • PvP Races (to earn $DOGA)
When the game is released, it will have 4 game modes, one for each type (see below). New game modes will be released over time to enhance the experience.

Basic Training

  • Type: Training
  • Cost: STAR & Energy
  • Rewards: Skill Points
You can train each of the 6 skills of your Dogamí. The basic training consists of short animated scenes with a random draw, which determines the number of skill points obtained. This is the main way to increase the ability level of your Dogamí, which will be saved in the NFT’s metadata.

Exhibition Races

  • Type: PvE Race
  • Cost: Energy
  • Rewards: STAR & XP
Exhibition races allow you to compete in an obstacle course against 5 opponents in randomly generated levels. The amount of STAR earned depends on your finishing position.

Time Trials

  • Type: PvP Race
  • Cost: STAR & Energy
  • Rewards: $DOGA & XP
Time trials are obstacle courses available for a limited time, which can be repeated. The best time of each Dogamí is recorded on a leaderboard. At the end of the event, $DOGA is distributed to the best contestants according to their position in the final ranking.

Adventure Mode

This mode name is subject to change with the game's development. It is also in the early stages of development and more information will be released further in production.
Adventure mode enables players to roam and interact in a 3D map with their Dogamí and environment.

🍎 Game Items

Before an activity, players have the possibility to use a consumable and/or to activate a magic relic in order to grant an advantage to their Dogamí.
  • Increase Velocity by 20% during the race
  • Increase all skills by 10% during the race
  • Increase Swim by 50% for the first 30m of the race
  • Mildly increase the training performance
Before each race, it is possible to visualize the list of obstacles that it’s composed of. A good strategist will be able to determine which items to equip to help ensure victory!


Consumables can be bought in the shop with STAR or earned as a reward. Most of them are food. They are single-use items, but they can make all the difference between victory and defeat!


Relics are mystical artifacts connected to the power of Dogamí. They can also be bought in the shop with STAR or earned as a reward. They do not disappear after use but have to recharge for a while before they can be activated again.
In a future update, you will be able to collect mystical materials to improve the effectiveness of your relics (by visiting ancient places or by dismantling useless relics).