🗓️Allocation & Unlock Schedule

🗺 Vesting Schedule

$DOGA will be distributed fairly among active players depending on their performance against others in DOGAMÍ Academy.

We will keep a portion of $DOGA for the future development of our vibrant ecosystem.

The maximum total supply of $DOGA is 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) and it can potentially be unlocked after 86 months (~7 years) if every token that is unlocked is issued. $DOGA tokens were first unlocked on March 22, 2021. While the unlock schedule provides a view of $DOGA tokens unlocked at monthly periods, tokens are unlocked on a continuous basis rather than having large unlocks at a specific date every month for the actual implementation.

There is a difference between unlocked supply (found in the public unlock schedule) and circulating supply (tokens that are issued out into circulation). Unlocked tokens may not be immediately circulated into the market and it usually depends on a program budget that is planned in advance.

  • Circulating supply increases in the event that tokens are distributed from the original allocations or staking contracts as rewards to users and other parties.

  • It may also decrease in the case where $DOGA is bought back from the market and placed into the treasury.

  • Circulating supply will never be higher than the unlocked supply.

  • Circulating supply of $DOGA can be queried at the supply API endpoint here

⚡️ In Short

🤓 More details about the Token Distribution

Category% of Total SupplyTokens (in millions)Usage of FundsCliffVesting | Trajectory

Private Sale



Initial development / MVP of the game


18 months | Linear

Strategic Investors



Initial funding

12 months

18 months | Linear




Team & founders incentivization

12 months

18 months | Linear

Advisors & Partners



Advisors for marketing, partnerships, tokenomics & consulting

6 months

12 months | Linear

Staking Rewards



Reserve for staking rewards

1 month

50 months | Non-linear




Reserve for in-game rewards

3 months (until MVP launch)

72 months | Non-linear in sync with product release

Ecosystem, Liquidity & Development Reserve



Ecosystem & partnership incentivization, liquidity pools, CEX/DEX onboarding


60 months | Discretionary

Airdrop & Promotion



Min. 20% of reward pool for existing community) & incentives for new acquiring new community members (e.g., marketing push via CEX)


48 months | Discretionary in sync with product roadmap/marketing activation

Airdrop & Promotion Pool: 70 million tokens (7% of the total supply) will be distributed over the next 48 months to not only incentivize the existing members, but also to grow our community. The $DOGA tokens were previously airdropped to holders in the past indiscriminately (simply for holding a Dogamí NFT). They are currently airdropped to $DOGA stakers, and used for other promotions and activations (such as the DOGAMÍ World Championship as part of the winners' rewards). The exact amount of tokens distributed per month is determined by the team in relation to product launches, events & marketing activations.

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