DOGAMÍ is an entertainment 3.0 company backed by renowned names in both the gaming and blockchain industry. Launched in 2021, DOGAMÍ became the biggest NFT-enabled gaming project on the Tezos blockchain.
Having completed a seed round extension in November 2022 led by European tech-investor XAnge, DOGAMÍ raised $14M in total to fuel its mass-market ambition. Moving into 2023, DOGAMÍ is dedicated to building NFT-based experiences for an increasing number of "Dogamers" - a portmanteau we use to describe our community members. 💜
Our goal is to establish lifelong and rewarding connections between users and their virtual companions through accessible experiences exclusive to Dogamí holders.
DOGAMÍ’s experiences are unlocked by Dogamí NFTs: mystical 3D dog avatars imbued with spiritual powers. They act as keys to the DOGAMÍ ecosystem to offer a new level of interactivity, ownership, and value. You must train them to unlock their full potential.
To date, over 24,000 NFTs have been issued, in 2 in-house NFT drops. A third capsule collection of accessory NFTs (in partnership with GAP) dropped last year, selling out in just a few hours.
The DOGA House app is currently available to the public (a simple interactive NFT viewer), and we are also developing a new multiplayer management racing game - DOGAMÍ Academy which is currently in production. These offerings are part of multiple components of the DOGAMÍ ecosystem: gaming powered by blockchain in which players improve the abilities of their NFTs and are rewarded $DOGA, DOGAMÍ’s proprietary token for interacting.
Please note, two spellings exist:
  • DOGAMÍ (capitalized): Refers to the company/ecosystem
  • Dogamí: Refers to one or many dog avatar NFTs (just like one Pokémon vs. many Pokémon)
This whitepaper details comprehensive information about Dogamí NFTs, the DOGAMÍ ecosystem, and gameplay information relating to the current app and in-production game offerings: DOGA House app and DOGAMÍ Academy. It also describes the $DOGA token economy, utility, staking, and emission calendar.
A final annex details some common terms and lexicon used throughout.
We encourage you to read this whitepaper thoroughly in order to understand how the DOGAMÍ ecosystem and token operate.