Dogamí are mystical, social animals possessing extraordinary powers that have been adopted by humanity. You must train them in "DOGAMÍ Academies" to strengthen your mutual bond and increase their skills in order to awaken them and prepare them for the inevitable return of the forces of darkness.

But what does this mean? How did the Dogamí make their way to Earth? And what is this inescapable evil force we must protect humanity from…?

In the beginning, a family of cosmic beings known as the cosmic Gods lived together in harmony, learning and creating together, giving birth to Negentropy. However, over time, each god developed their own interests and skills, and the most powerful among them, Seth, became jealous of the others' ability to create life. Instead, he chose to focus his powers on destruction, giving birth to Entropy.

The other gods were horrified by Seth's actions and waged war against him, ultimately defeating him. Although Seth begged for forgiveness, the gods were forever changed by what had happened. They dispersed into the multiverse, creating life in faraway places and avoiding Seth, whom they feared would destroy their creations. Meanwhile, one of the gods, Anubis, traveled the multiverse and created a new form of life: the Dogamí.

During the last Ice Age, all of the cosmic Gods were called to Earth by a beacon, where they discovered humanity as we know them today. Both the cosmic Gods and humanity coexisted peacefully, with Anubis gifting the Dogamí as companions to humans. Together, they built magnificent megalithic structures around the globe to thank the cosmic Gods and help human civilization evolve.

The other cosmic Gods' willingness to impart their knowledge to humans horrified Seth, who had rekindled his long-simmering rage. He hatched a plan to destroy the temples and throw the world into chaos once more. It fell upon the cosmic Gods, humans, and their Dogamí companions to thwart his plan and restore harmony to Earth. As the Earth basked in the glow of its restoration, the cosmic Gods made a fateful decision that would send shockwaves across the multiverse. They knew all too well that any further tampering could only increase the likelihood of Seth's return, plunging the universe into chaos once more. The cosmic Gods only saw one option: to rid themselves and any memory of themselves from Earth. Before their departure and with heavy hearts, they wiped out any knowledge of their presence on Earth and of the hidden powers of their Dogamí companions. The weight of their decision hung heavily in their cosmic hearts as they vanished from sight, leaving behind a world forever changed.

Anubis, the cosmic God closest to humans and Dogamí, left secret markings on the walls of all the megalithic temples worldwide, recounting the story of how the cosmic Gods, humans, and Dogamí had defeated Seth. These markings ensured that humans and Dogamí could protect themselves if Seth ever returned.

As the world faces a new and unknown threat, whispers of the cosmic Gods and their Dogamí companions begin to resurface. It remains to be seen whether humanity will heed the call and reawaken the ancient power of their companions to once again protect the world from destruction…

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