Your Virtual Companion

Dogamí are 3D NFT digital dog avatars with unique characteristics (both physical and non physical). These virtual companions live on the blockchain and can be used in various applications. By interacting and playing with them, you can receive $DOGA, the utility token of the DOGAMÍ ecosystem.

🔄 Phases and Life cycle

Each Dogamí will go through different life-cycle phases: dormant, awoken, and spirit.
There are currently 12,000 Dogamí from 15 different breeds. When you adopt one, you experience a unique “unboxing” event (providing the Dogamí has not yet been revealed) to discover which of the current breeds you will get and what combination of characteristics your new virtual companion will have.
There will be many more Dogamí to discover.
As owners, you must nurture your Dogamí through the different stages of their life cycles in order to increase their skills to, in turn, increase their level. The life cycle stage of a Dogamí dictates how they function in the ecosystem, or how they perform in different competitions. More on that later.


Dogamí NFTs, whilst unique, all have a common trait - access! Dogamí act as a key to all the experiences in the DOGAMÍ ecosystem enabling holders to interact within it. Furthermore, your Dogamí will be interoperable providing companionship across your Metaverse adventures.