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Powers allow Dogamí to borrow the mystical force of a spirit animal for a short time. In DOGAMÍ Academy, it allows players to temporarily increase the skills of a Dogamí for a portion of the race.


There are 22 powers:

  • 6 single skill (which greatly increases a skill)

  • 15 double skill (which moderately increases two skills)

  • 1 special skill (which slightly increases all skills)

The balancing of powers is subject to possible future changes.


Each Dogamí obtains 5 different powers when generated:

First of all, its obtains 2 single skill powers, corresponding to the two skills in which it is most gifted. They are placed in slots 1 and 3.

Then, it obtains 2 double skill powers, composed with the four remaining skills. This allows players to have each skill at least once. They are placed in slots 2 and 4.

The fifth and final power slot is selected as follows:

  • 50% chance of getting a third single skill power (with the 3rd best skill)

  • 40% chance of getting third double skill power (composed of 2 of the 3 best skills)

  • 10% chance of getting the Dragon special power (that increases all skills at once)

Unlock & Upgrade

At level 1, the Dogamí has just one power, which is also at level 1.

Up to level 5, the Dogamí will unlock a new power at each level.

From level 6 to level 50, one power is upgraded at each level, increasing the bonus granted by that power.


Let's take a look at an example with a Dogamí that has the following skill ranks below:

Step 1 - We select the two best Dogami skills. The first is inevitably velocity (rank S). The second will be jump or balance, both rank B. A random draw selects the jump.

Step 2 - We assign the two corresponding single skill powers to slots 1 and 3. This is random, so the velocity power may well end up in slot 3, even if it comes from a rank S skill.

Step 3 - That leaves us with the swim, balance, might and instinct skills. We randomly compose two double skill power with them and assign them to slots 2 and 4.

Step 4 - Finally, we randomly determine the instructions for slot 5, which asks us to compose a double power skill with two skills among the three best (velocity, jump and balance).

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