The Dogs of DOGAMÍ

🐕⚡️The Dogs of DOGAMÍ have come to Earth. They have brought their love and their need for human affection. We will take their pods into our homes. We will feed them, care for them, train and breed them, increasing their numbers as well as their influence over our lives. Yet they are merely heralds of an even greater universe that exists just beyond our own, a cosmos of wonders, mysteries, and adventures beyond our imagination.

🐶 The Petaverse: It's a Dog's World

The World’s first truly Augmented Social Experience, the Petaverse breaks the digital fourth wall to give players total immersion in an augmented social universe bridging the physical realm and the virtual world we express ourselves in.
As dogs are man's best friend, it feels normal to bond the world with cute digital puppies. They’ll be your first medium to navigate the Metaverses.
The Petaverse is an open world where players will be able to roam around and socialize with like-minded people in a truly immersive experience.