DOGAMÍ's proprietary marketplace not only allows users to buy and list Dogamí and accessory NFTs, but it enables users to stake $DOGA tokens, follow Alpha series 1 & 2 collection metrics, and create and edit gaming accounts.
In Q2 of 2023, we will add a "Claim DOGA” feature with which you can claim the rewards you have received.
When you first look at the marketplace it offers some indicators based on the collection that’s currently selected (Dogamí/Swag):
  • Items - number of items in that particular collection
  • Owners - indicates the number of owners
  • For sale - items currently listed
  • Floor price - the current lowest price expressed in XTZ
A filter lets you sort the visible Dogamí by price, rarity and sale ending time.

Marketplace Filters

You can use many of the different filters available to find your perfect virtual companion:
  • Currency - Display Dogamí listed in either $DOGA or XTZ
  • Status (boxed & unboxed Dogamí) - See listed Dogamí that have been revealed or remain boxed
  • Gender (M/F) - See all listed Dogamí by gender
  • Series (Alpha S1 & S2) - Select any of the current series or see all of them (future ones will also be included)
  • Breed - 15 breeds from both series can be selected
  • Rarity tier - Choose the rarity tier you’re looking for
  • Statistics - Use the sliders to find your perfect Dogamí
A WERT integration with a fiat to crypto on-ramp also enables users to adopt with their debit/credit cards.
To buy a listed Dogamí, see this guide.


Equip your Dogamí with accessory NFTs for bonus earnings in the DOGA House app. GAP NFTs and DOGA Bones allow players to bolster their weekly $DOGA airdrops with a bonus.
Buying swag is made easier with a number filters, much like those available for sorting through Dogamí.
Alongside currency ($DOGA/XTZ) and status (boxed/unboxed), the swag filters enables you to search by:
  • Rarity - 4 different tiers to chose from
  • Type - there are 4 “slots” where you can use your accessory
  • Color - 8 different colors are available

Royalties & Fees

DOGAMÍ retains a percentage of royalties on secondary market sales. In addition to this, a 2% marketplace fee is added to help develop the DOGAMÍ Ecosystem. The royalty fee varies based on collection:
  • 7% for Dogamí NFTs and the GAP collection (9% with the marketplace fees)
  • 5% for DOGA Bones (7% with the marketplace fees)
Please also be aware that each time a Dogamí is transferred from one wallet to another, a small amount of XTZ is required (even when you have the possibility to purchase your Dogamí in $DOGA). These fees are negligible (approx. 0,01$). If you do not have any XTZ in your account, the transaction will fail. These fees do not go to DOGAMÍ, they represent the cost of a blockchain transaction fee.