☄️$DOGA Staking

Staking is a way for us to reward our community members who actively participate in the DOGAMÍ ecosystem by locking up their $DOGA tokens. By staking $DOGA you’ll be able to accumulate even more $DOGA rewards.

Users can lock up $DOGA tokens through the staking dashboard.

The staking rewards will vary depending on the amount that is staked as well as the time the tokens are staked. At time of writing, you can choose from the following programs:

  • 5% APR flexible staking

  • 15% APR locked staking (locked for 90 days)

💡 Rewards will be distributed from DOGAMI's staking pool. The APR rewards and staking programs are subject to change and evolve over time. Also, note that Terms & Conditions apply, please read them thoroughly.

✅ $DOGA staking is non-custodial (tokens remain on your wallet, the private keys of which you should have exclusive control) and for promotional purposes only.

Locked Staking Conditions & Rules

  • There is no minimum staking amount

  • A minimum staking period has to be respected

  • A staking reward is set at each new Tezos or Polygon block

  • To collect rewards users need to keep their tokens staked for the entire locked period

  • Tokens can be unstaked at any time but unstaking locked tokens before the end of the locked period sets the on-hold rewards to zero

  • The pre-determined pool of staking rewards is distributed on a first-come first-serve basis. Consequently, DOGAMÍ does not guarantee that each staker will receive the full amount of rewards

  • The initial sum staked and any accumulated $DOGA unclaimed at the end of the period is not automatically re-staked in the next period's pool

  • Any unused supply from the staking rewards at period n will be re-injected in the supply of the period (n+1)

Please note that the ownership of the staking rewards is not transferred to the user until he/she provably claims them to their wallet. DOGAMÍ reserves the right to modify or discontinue any staking programs at any time without notice or liability to the user.

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