💍DOGA Council & Community Strategy

Community inclusion has always been a core value at DOGAMÍ. Engaging with the 200K+ global audience over the past 18 months solidified our beliefs even further that conversations should not be contained to silos, and ideas and opinions should be voiced.

With that in mind, we built a council of our most active community members to have a forum in which we can discuss & decide on critical developments of DOGAMÍ- The DOGA Council.


The DOGA Council is composed of 22 Councilors who hold at least 1 Dogamí NFT. The DOGA Councilors have a 6-month mandate. They are opinion leaders from the community who represent the community. All candidates had to send an application to DOGAMÍ in order to be considered for a shortlist. The final candidates were then put to vote by the community, based on their categories, which are as follows:

  • 5 Whales councillors

  • 5 Guild leaders

  • 3 $DOGA Whales

  • 2 Diamond Dogamí holders

  • 2 Gold Dogamí holders

  • 2 Silver Dogamí holders

  • 2 Bronze Dogamí holders

  • 1 Community Moderator

The main role of the DOGA Council is to:

  • Discuss community feedback

  • Talk about proactive ideas to entertain Dogamers

  • Vote, approve, or decline our ideas & propositions

  • Scale up or down DOGAMÍ initiatives

🗳️ Initiatives

Reduction in $DOGA Rewards from July 2023 - Approved ✅

The DOGA Council voted to progressively reduce the DOGA House (now a legacy gaming product) rewards by 50% by September 2023. Retaining these rewards would've contributed to token dilution and adversely affected its price. Below is the new gradual decrease schedule that was voted in by the DOGA Council.

New Unlock Schedule For Staking Rewards Pool - Approved ✅

The DOGA Council approved a new unlock schedule for $DOGA staking rewards. Initially, there were 160 million $DOGA tokens allocated for staking rewards, distributed over 120 months until March 2028. With the new schedule, this distribution period has been shortened to 96 months, depleting the 160 million tokens by March 2026.

📆 Monthly Updates

We keep our members up-to-date with our latest developments in monthly AMAs. The most pressing questions are collected in a specific forum on Discord and answered in a live format with the founding members. Community members have also had an opportunity to speak live if we open the floor during the session.

More unilateral presentations are delivered to the community to inform them about upcoming milestones. During our previous DOGA NOTE, we provided an overview of our next steps in the development of DOGAMÍ Academy.

A monthly “Community Update” is also available that summarises the main topics every month in short article form. They are readable here.

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