🏗️ Building - Q2, 2023

  • Beginning of DOGAMÍ X Partnerships with 1st merch drop
  • Release of ‘Claim $DOGA’ feature on the marketplace
  • Release of 1st issue of Comic book
  • Performance of 1st play tests of DOGAMÍ Academy prototype

🚀 Building - Q3, 2023

  • Integrate mainstream adoption features
  • DOGAMÍ experience in The Sandbox
  • CEX listings of $DOGA

🕹️ Playing - Q4, 2023

  • 1st iteration of DOGAMÍ Academy
  • Launch of DOGAMÍ PVE mode
  • Launch of leaderboard-based play & earn (PvP)
  • Release of breeding feature
Breeding is currently in R&D. Although this is our target release date, this is subject to its development.