Backend: Tezos Blockchain

🔒 Tezos Blockchain

DOGAMÍ is among the first projects to use the Tezos blockchain for both its in-game NFTs, but also it’s in-game utility token $DOGA.
The DOGAMÍ smart contracts are written in Ligo. The main DOGAMÍ smart contracts inherit from the FA2 standards to enable asset composability.
DOGAMÍ uses a hybrid architecture (on-/off-chain) to accommodate the requirements. Dogamí avatars and their inherent features (traits, DNA, etc.) as well as accessories are stored on-chain.
3D models and images are stored on IPFS to ensure that players are always able to access their NFTs.
DOGAMÍ contracts will also implement measures to prevent front-running on other NFT marketplaces of the Tezos Ecosystem.