Dogamí Day Care

make sure that no P2P

🐶 Dogamí Sitting for your Puppy

Raising a Dogamí requires a lot of effort and time. It is crucial that players give their digital companions the right amount of attention in order to make the most out of the Petaverse. Nevertheless, similar to real-life, players may opt to hire a dog sitter to complete the nurturing activities.
Players that are unable to care for their Dogamí in the Puppy Phase will have the opportunity to stake their Puppies in a smart-contract and delegate a sitter to care for them.
Dog sitters will be awarded a share of the $DOGA rewards attributed to the owner.
The Dogamí sitting smart-contract will be defined by two conditions:
  • Lending time
  • Share of the $DOGA reward to be collected by the Dogamí sitter
Note: This feature, and notably the distribution of Play-to-Earn rewards, will be managed through the DOGAMÍ game system with standard smart-contracts, in order to improve security compared to a peer-2-peer negotiation system.