❤️ Bond with your Dogamí

The DOGA House is a privileged space to view, care for and bond with your Dogamí puppy. It functions as an NFT viewer allowing users to play and interact with their NFTs in exchange for $DOGA tokens.
Your new companion will certainly love their modern house with a large garden and a day-night cycle. The DOGA House is the first step of a great adventure.
In the DOGA House, the level, the stats and the phase of your Dogamí puppy don't change.

🕑 Visit your Dogamí every day

You are able to interact with your Dogamí through different activities: feeding, petting, playing with toys, cleaning, and potty training. Users must complete at least one activity per day with their Dogamí to achieve the daily objective which is denoted with a small badge in-app.

💰 Rewards will be delivered weekly

Users must complete at least 1 daily activity for each of the Dogamí they have in their wallet. By doing so, they increase the $DOGA reward amount received each week. The rewards are currently airdropped to players' wallets on Tuesday, but it will soon be possible to claim them on the website.
Please note that each of your Dogamí has to be taken care of individually (you can check this with the completion icon on the screen - see below).
🤝 DOGAMÍ retains the right to change the reward structure in line with Tokenomics considerations without prior notice.

⬆️ Increase your rewards

The rewards associated with each completed daily objective are based on 3 parameters.

1. Dogamí Rarity

The greater the rarity tier of your Dogamí, the higher the reward multiplier:
  • 🥉 Bronze: x1
  • 🥈 Silver: x2
  • 🥇 Gold: x5
  • 💎 Diamond: x10

2. DOGA Bone

If you have a DOGA Bone in your wallet, you get a +10% bonus on your reward when you complete your daily activities. The effect of the DOGA Bone is active on all your Dogamí. The bonus does not accumulate if you have several bones.

3. GAP Accessories

You can equip up to 4 GAP accessories at the same time in the 4 allotted slots (head, body, back, and dog house). The items equipped on your Dogamí increase the rewards according to their rarity level:
  • 🟦 Rare: +2%
  • 🟪 Epic: +7%
  • 🟧 Legendary: +11%
  • 🟥 Artefact: +23%
Bonuses are awarded at the time you complete your daily activity, so ensure you have the right items equipped at that time. Once a Dogamí has received a bonus, the accessory cannot grant any further bonuses for that day to any other Dogamí that completes the daily objective with it.
GAP accessories can only be used on Alpha Series 1 and Alpha Series 2 Dogamí in the DOGA House app

🚀 Preparing for the future

The future game set for release in Q4 2023 (DOGAMÍ: Academy) will have competitive mechanics, with rewards for top-ranked Dogamí. Various items and resources will be sold in $DOGA to make your Dogamí faster, stronger, smarter, and more agile.
The $DOGA you accumulate in the DOGA House will allow you to get a head start in this next game and in the following iterations. Additionally, $DOGA will also be required for breeding puppies in the future.