🚶 Daily Walk

It is no secret that getting a Dogamí requires a lot of effort, almost like owning a real dog. Hence, it is essential to take your Dogamí on regular walks daily to keep him/her happy and healthy. In the Adult Phase, players will have to link their mobile health app with the DOGAMÍ app and complete a daily target distance as part of the Essential Actions. Players will be able to show off their dogs in the real world and make new friends. Players that wish to win 100% of the maximum daily rewards must take their Dogamí on a regular walk.
Following the Covid-19 outbreak, many people have neglected their health and daily exercise by having to stay indoors. We know that getting back into a routine can be quite challenging after a long period of time. Hence, the daily walk will allow the players to both fortify the bond with their Dogamí and get back in shape. At DOGAMÍ, we want to encourage players to leave their house regularly and get some fresh air together with their virtual dog. As the dog grows older, the daily distance target will increase as well. By linking your DOGAMÍ app with your mobile/watch health app, we will automatically be able to keep track of the travelled distance and mark the mission as complete or not.
Last modified 9mo ago