☄️ DOGA Staking

The Petaverse is a self-contained space station-like construct, vast in size, floating outside our dimension. The governing and sustaining entities of the Petaverse soon reveal themselves as Spirit Dogs, enlightened beings who nurture the bond between pets and owners. The power at stake is the $DOGA itself, the energy generated through the symbiotic relationship between pet and owner. True Dogamí are not merely these pod dogs as players first engaged them, but over time they evolve into Spirit Dogs, composite spirit beings of both pets and owners combined. Such healthy relationships are what generate $DOGA, the energy that permeates the cosmos, maintaining order and peace while also keeping the destructive forces of chaos at bay. In order to protect the Petaverse from evil forces wanting to cause chaos, humans began pooling together their energy in the form of $DOGA staking to create a force field so strong that it is capable of preventing all evil beings from entering the territory.
Staking is a way for us to reward our community members for locking up their $DOGA tokens and actively participating in our ecosystem. By staking your $DOGA you’ll be able to earn $DOGA rewards and other accessories/consumables when you lock up your tokens through the staking dashboard. The staking rewards will vary depending on the amount that is staked as well as the time it is staked for.
In the beginning, DOGAMI will introduce flexible staking offering a fixed APY (22%). Rewards will be distributed from DOGAMI's staking pool.
In a later stage, DOGAMI plans on introducing a new innovative flexible staking that will offer more rewards to players that stake their tokens for longer periods of time as described in the mechanism below:
Conditions & Rules
  • No minimum staking amount
  • A minimum staking period has to be respected
  • A staking reward is set at each new Tezos block
  • To collect rewards users need to keep their tokens staked for the entire locked period
  • Unstaking locked tokens before the end of the locked period set to zero the on hold rewards
  • The initial sum staked and any accrued interest that is not claimed at the end of the period are not automatically re-staked in next period's pool
  • Any unused supply from the staking rewards at period n will be re-injected in the supply of the period (n+1)
  • A staking score will be calculated for every player which will determine his share on the period's staking pool
yi=(xi(tfitii))k(xk(Ttik))y_i=\frac{ (x_i* (tf_i-ti_i))}{\sum_k(x_k*(T-ti_k))}
ri=rmaxyir_i = r_{max}*y_i
yi:reward coefficient of player ixi:staked amount x of player itfi:withdrawal time of player itii:staking time of player iT:staking rewards periodri:staking reward of player irmax:monthly supply of tokens available for staking rewardsy_i : reward~coefficient~of~player~i\\ x_i : staked~amount~x~of~player~i \\ tf_i : withdrawal~time~of~player~i \\ ti_i : staking~time~of~player~i \\ T : staking~rewards~period \\ r_i : staking~reward~of~player~i \\ r_{max} : monthly~supply~of~tokens~available~for~staking~rewards
Note: We will be introducing a limit to the rewards obtainable per player in case the number of stakers is low. The objective is to safeguard the sustainability of the model and make sure the token supply is not depleted quickly.
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